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 The RattleSnake

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Colt Walker
Star Fleet Captain
Star Fleet Captain
Colt Walker

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The RattleSnake Empty
PostSubject: The RattleSnake   The RattleSnake Icon_minitimeThu Jan 13, 2011 6:58 am

The RattleSnake

The RattleSnake Snake

A cowboy was riding his horse accross his pasture. A snake spooked his
horse and bucked the cowboy off. The cowboy cursed at the snake and
yelled "Don't bite me!"
The snake said "NO, I'm a genie snake, I can give you three wishes.
What would you like me to grant you?"
The cowboy thought for a minute. Then said "A million dollars in the
The snake said, "Granted, next."
Again the cowboy thought. Then said "The most beautiful wife in the
The snake said, "Granted, next."
Then with a great big smile on his face he said "I want to be hung like
my horse."
The snake said "Granted" and slithered off.
The cowboy got on his horse and rode home as fast as the horse would take him.
He ran into the house and into his bedroom. There stre tched across his
bed in a sexy negligee was the most beautiful woman in the world.

So he picked up the phone called the bank a nd asked for his balance.
The bank told him he had one million and forty nine dollars. He rushed
into the bathroom.
Unzipped his pants and let out the most blood curdling cry. "I forgot I
was riding OLD NELLIE!"

The RattleSnake Colt12
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The RattleSnake
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