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 Aussie Slang

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Colt Walker
Star Fleet Captain
Star Fleet Captain
Colt Walker

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Aussie Slang Empty
PostSubject: Aussie Slang   Aussie Slang Icon_minitimeFri Sep 14, 2012 6:40 pm

Aussie Slang


A WET BLANKET = Someone who is boring or is a spoilt sport

A LOAD OF CODS WALLOP = Bullshit, someone speaking shit!


ARSE ABOUT FACE = Back to front

ARSE OVER TIT = To fall over

ARSE UP = Fall flat in his face.

AGGRO = short for aggravation

AVAGOYAMUG = Have a go you mug.

ARTHUR OR MARTHA = When you don't know who or what you are, confused

'AVEAGOODWEEKEND = have a good weekend

ARVO = Afternoon

AUSSIE = Australian, Dinky Di Aussie, True Blue.

AUSSIE RULES = Australian Football


ALKIE = Someone who drinks alot, an Alcoholic


BAIL OUT = To leave or too help financially

BARBIE = A bar-b-que

BACK OF BOURKE / BEYOND THE BLACK STUMP = Out in the bush, miles from anywhere. A long way from anywhere.

BANANA BENDER = name given to Queenslanders

BARNEY = Argument, fight

"BEATS THE SHIT OUT OF ME!" = wouldn't have a clue!

BEE'S KNEES = really great

BENDER = A heavy drinking session,


BETTER HALF = Same as other half

BICKIES = Biscuits (known as cookies in America).

BILLABONG = Watering Hole


BINGLE = A car accident

BLIND MULLET = When someone is under the influence of Alcohol,Drunk

BLOKE = male person.


BLUDGE = doing as little as possible, when you should be working

BLUDGER = Person who will let everone else do the work.

BOB'S YOUR UNCLE = No worries Mate, She;ll be right mate

BONZA = Great, super, fantastic, the best

BOOMER = Kangaroo

BROWN NOSING = Sucking up

BROWN TONGUE = Someone who sucks up to people in authority.

BUCKLEYS = No chance.

BUGGERED = broken or when a person is stuffed or had a long day

BUGGERED IF I KNOW = Don't know, have no idea

BUGGAR ME DEAD = exclamation of amazement

BUN IN THE OVEN = pregnant

BUNG ON AN ACT = lose one's temper or someone out for sympathy

BUSH PIG = refers to looks - Nasty insult to a female you don't like!

BY JINGO BY CRIKEY = Expression of shock and surprise


CACK = have a laugh, someone with a sense of humour

CAPTAIN COOK = Rhyming slang for have a look

CARN = Come on!

CHEESE & KISSES = Missus, Lady, Wife etc

CHEW THE FAT = Have a chat

CHOOF OFF = Leave, depart

CHUCK/CHUNDER = to vomit or throw up

CHUCK A WOBBLY = Throwing a tantrum, cracking the shits, spitting The dummy

CLOSE SHAVE = Near miss, very close indeed

COCKROACH = Person who lives in NSW

COOL BANANAS = Great, everything is cool..fantastic

COOKING WITH GAS = Getting somewhere, Things working out the way you want

COME A GUTSER = Usually means to fall off something

COP A SQUIZ = Look at this!

CRACKING UP = laughing and can't stop, losing it

CRACK THE SHITS = In a bad mood.

CROWEATER = Person from South Australia

CUPPA = Having a cup of tea

CUSHIE = To have it easy


DAD & DAVE = Having a shave

DAG = someone who doesn't dress cool, like a "dork"/, a term of endearment usually for a humourous friend BUT literal meaning is shit stuck to a sheeps butt!

DEADCERT = Definately certain about something

DEAD HORSE = Tomato Sauce

DEAD RAT UP YOUR ARSE = When someone's fart is so bad that you can't breathe.

DEADSET = absolute, certain, no doubt

DOB / DOBBER = To tell on someone;

DINGO's BREAKFAST = no breakfast at all

DRIBBLE SHIT = Someone who talks a load of rubbish

DOGS BREAKFAST = things are in a shambles

DOG'S BREATH = Someone with Bad Breath

DON'T GIVE ME THE RAW PRAWN = Don't speak shit!!


DRONGO= named used to describe a (nice) idiot, or someone making a small mistake.

DRUNK AS A SKUNK = Pissed as a parrot (totally inebriated)

DUCK'S DINNER= liquid drink, with nothing to eat

DUNNY = Toilet


EARBASH = To constantly talk to, harangue, or yell at someone.

ESKY = Insulated portable cooler box ( Keeps the stubbies cold)


FAIR GO = Give someone an equal chance.

FAIRDINKUM =Is that right, true, real, honest

FAIR CRACK OF THE WHIP = Enough is enough, Settle down,

FAIR SUCK OF THE SAV = Same as fair crack of the whip!

FANG = Snack, lunch

FESS UP = Confess, own up

FINAL STRAW = Thats it, not taking no more .

FLANNO = Flannelette shirt

FLAT OUT LIKE A LIZARD DRINKING = Doing absolutely Nothing

FRANGER = condom

FROTH AT THE MOUTH = lose one's temper


G'DAY = hello, hi, how ya going

GOOD SPORT = easygoing; agreeable

GRUMBLEBUM = Complainer

GUMBY = Idiot


HALF YA LUCK = Congratulations

HEAPS / GIVE HEAPS =lots/giving trouble

HARD YACKA = Hard Work.

HEART STARTER = First alcoholic drink of the day

HEAVE = To vomit chuck or chunder

HIT THE FARTER = Males say this when they are going to bed

HIT THE FROG & TOAD = to get going, leave, to hit the road

HAIR OF THE DOG = an alcoholic drink taken as a relief first thing of a morning for a hangover

HAMMER & TONG = Going real fast when doing anything


HOON = Loudmouth, to drive recklessly!

HOO ROO = farewell or goodbye

HONKY DORY = Means all is well and Happy.

HOWZAT = WOW - wasn't that a good one??

HUNGOVER = waking up from a night on the piss


ICING ON THE CAKE = Can mean good or bad, bad as in the final straw..and good as in, topping off something good that happened

ICYPOLE = Frozen Lolly Water, or Icecream on a stick

IRRITS = To be annoyed


JAFFA = Orange flavored chocolate ball, with hard orange coating

JAM = a spread used on sandwiches like jelly spread

JOCKS = men's underwear


JOE BLOW = Mr Average

JOEY = Baby Kangaroo

JUMP IN THE LAKE = Said to someone who is giving you the shits


KARK IT = To die

KINDIE = Kindergarten, pre-school, or play-centre

KNACKERS = Testicles.

KNICKERS = underpants (as in - don't get your knickers in a knot) (don't get all upset over it)

KNUCKLE SANDWICH = A punch! To fist fight.


LAMINGTON = Small squares of sponge cake covered in chocolate iceing and dessicated coconut with Jam filling

LARRIKIN = name given to a young person playing mischeviously

LEMON = Lesbian

LIPPIE = Lipstick

LOB = visit unexpectedly or without invitation

LOCK UP = Cells in Police Station


LONGNECK = Large bottle of beer

LURK = Illegal practice, racket


MAD AS A CUT SNAKE = Someone who is'nt scared of a thing

MAD AS A MALLEY BULL = Mad or crazy as


MAGGOTTED = Rolling Drunk, Pissed, Absolutely Blind

MATE = Usually a greeting to a friend, or when you don't remember the persons name

MEAT WAGON = Ambulance

MILO = a chocolate flavouring used in Milk Drinks

MOLLYDOOKER = name given to a left handed person

MOZZIE = Mosquito.

MYSTERY BAG = Meat pie


NADS = Testicles

NACKERED = Plain stuffed, buggered, tired, had enough of what one is doing

NAPPY = A baby's diaper

NARKY = Upset and Moody

NO WORRIES! = Term of reassurance or just of acknowledgement

NONG = clumsy or silly person

NORKS = Breasts

NOT THE FULL QUID = Not all there in the head..

NOUS = Savvy, & intelligence

NUDDY = Nude


OCKER = Uncouth, loutish Australian

OFF HIS FACE = is to describe someone in a drunken stupor

OLD CHEESE = friendly term given to a mother

OLDS = affectionate name for parents

ON THE SLOPS = Someone on the Piss, Beer

ON THE NOSE = Smelly with unpleasant odour

ONYA = good on you

OUTBACK = name given to the remote bush location of Australia

OWYERGOINMATE? = How you going?' How are you?.


PASH ON = to kiss passionately

PATSY = A Scapegoat


PAVLOVA = Dessert consists of a meringue base

PIGS = Police

PIKER = Bore, party pooper

PISSED = Drunk,full as a goog, blind, rolling drunk,smashed,plastered, out of it.

PISS OFF! = Go away

PISSING IN YOUR POCKET = When someone is sucking up to you, wants something

PLONK = either Booze or sit ( gonna buy a bottle of plonk ) or ( just gonna plonk myself down here)

POZZIE = Position; as in a queue at a sporting event

PUT ON A TURN = create a scene

PRANG = Accident

PREZZIE = A present, gift

PUB = Public place of a hotel


QUICKIE = Real fast sex!!



RAFFERTY'S RULES = Having no rules or to make them as you go

RAGE = To party on

RAINCOAT = condom

RAPT = Very pleased


RAW PRAWN = to lie or trick

RECKON = to agree

RIDGEY DIDGE = the real thing,

RIPPER = Term of approval or delight.

RIP-SNORTER = An excellent thing

ROO = kangaroo

ROTTEN = Drunk

RUG RATS = Children


SAND-GROPER = Person who lives in the state of Western Australia.

SANGA = Sandwich..

SHELIA =girl,women,good sort, and female is known as a sheila

SHE"LL BE RIGHT MATE = (a form of good old australian apathy).nothing is a bother

SHIT HITS THE FAN = trouble, keep away, someone going off, every thing out in the open

SHIFTY = doing something slyly

SHIT FACED = drunk

SHOOT THROUGH = to leave unexpectantly

SHOUT = .A general term used when someone pays for someone else

SICKIE = Paid day off work when ill

SLABB = is a tray of beer usually a total of 24 cans or stubbies.

SLUG = lay around and do nothing

SMOKO = A short break from work; coffee break

SNAG = Sausage..

SPEWING = To react in a very upset manner

SPIT THE DUMMY = same as Chucking a wobbly

SPUDS = Potatoes

SPUNKY = A sexy guy or sheila

SQUIZ = To have a Look or to Check something out

STACK IT = To have a Prang, accident

STONE THE CROWS = A explanation, usually one of surprise

STREWTH = surprise or amazement

STRESS OUT = get uptight

STROPPY = cranky, irate, narky

STUFFED =tired, screwed up, had enough

STUBBIE = Small botle of beer

STUMPED = Can't think no more, or haven't a clue what someone is talking about.

SUCKED IN = To be duped or conned in to doing something



TASWEGIAN = person who comes from the Apple Isle / Tasmania.

TART = is a woman of ill repute

TEA = The main third meal of the day also known as Dinner.


TEE-UP = To set something up

THINGAMEBOB = term for an object when actual name is forgotton

THINGAMEJIG = when your trying to think of someones name and can't remember

TINNY = can of beer, aluminum dingy

TIM TAMS = a brand of oblong chocolate biscuit (cookie) sandwiched together with chocolate cream and then covered in chocolate. Used in the 'Tim Tam suck' or 'Tim Tam straw', which involves biting off the end of the Tim Tam, inserting it into a cup of hot liquid, and sucking until the hot drink melts the chocolate cream so the drink can be sucked up through the centre - Yummy!!!!!

TOEY = Nervous

TOGS = Swimming costume; bathers.

TOO RIGHT = Definate yes reply

TRACKIE DAKS = Tracksuit pants or Sweat pants

TROPPO = Slighty mad, from being in the sun too long


TRUE BLUE = genuinely Australian


U-EEE = when making a U turn

UGGIES = boots or slippers lined with sheepskin

UNDIES = underwear usually referring to the underpants

UNREAL = Excellent

UP YOURSELF = to inform someone of their inflated ego

UTE = Utility truck


VEGEMITE = A True Blue Aussie spread for spreading thinly on Bread or toast.

VEG OUT = lay around , do nothing.

VIOLET CRUMBLE = candy - a chocolate coated honey comb bar


WAG = Skipping school (or work).

WALLY = Stupid, or just plain foolish person.

WANKER = Idiot

WHARFIE = Dock worker on the warf

WHINGER = Someone who constantly complains.

WHOSIWHATSIT = term for a person when their name is forgotton

WIG-WARMER = a hat

WINDBAG = someone full of meaningless words

WINO = Alcoholic

WITHIN COOEE = Close by, in hearing distance

WOWSER = Spoilsport


XXXX = Pronounced "Four ex" not ex-ex-ex-ex! Famous Queensland Beer


YABBER = to have a chat

YABBIE = small fresh water-dwelling edible creature, similar to a prawn.

YACKA = Hard Work.

YANK = American

YOUR SHOUT = the next round of alcoholic drinks

YOBBO = name given to a drunken idiot

YOU BEAUTY = Wonderful, great


ZIP IT = Shhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

Aussie Slang Colt12

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Emma from Australia
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Star Fleet Captain
Emma from Australia

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Aussie Slang
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